Director's Message


Prof.  (Dr.)  Virendra  Gawande
Ph.D. , M.Sc.(CS), B.Sc.

Director, Maharishi Institute of Management, Bhopal


Education certainly plays a vital role in the development and prosperity of any community, and it is impossible to avoid the importance of education for any one.
The Vision and Mission at Maharishi Institute of Management being aligned with the core development of society, the focus lies not only on just imparting the technical knowledge but imparting it in a more systematic and cohesive manner.
Our focus is equally on encouraging the research culture right from the under graduate level, so that our scholars can understand that it is not just a requirement for career progression, but it is actually about understanding the issues or problems within a society in a real sense and attempting to resolve it in a more scientific way.
At campus we offer diversity of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with all the required affiliations from the governing bodies. We have well equipped lush green campus, with all the modern amenities. I extend my best wishes to the students on board for their holistic success, and a warm welcome to the prospective students.

Prof.  (Dr.)  Virendra  Gawande