Maharishi Ji's Achievements

Year 1957 to 2008

Year 1957 - Transcendental Meditation years:

The auspicious year of 1957 is celebrated as the inaugural year of Maharishi's worldwide Transcendental Meditation Movement, but Maharishi has explained that the Movement truly began in the blissful, infinite silence of his Master, Shri Guru Dev, Maha Yogiraj, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati Maharaj, Jagatguru Bhagavan Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Badrikashram, Himalayas.

Guru Dev is revered as the embodiment of Vedic Wisdom closest to Maharishi in the great Tradition of Vedic Masters who have passed down the eternal wisdom of life from teacher to student since time immemorial.

"The Vedic Tradition, upheld in its purity by a long history of custodians, enshrines the supreme knowledge of the integration of life. From time to time a revival of man's understanding of the eternal wisdom of this Holy Tradition arises to rescue him from suffering, restoring him to the speedy path of evolution, and awakening him to a meaningful life in fulfillment. The Masters of this Tradition have been exponents of reality from earliest ages. In each new epoch, they have propounded the enduring truths of practical living and have set out those standards by which men's lives may attain the highest achievements and fulfillment, generation after generation"

In the memory of Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, celebrating the Conference of Spiritual Luminaries of India, Maharishi inaugurates the Spiritual Regeneration Movement on 31 December in Madras, India, to spiritually regenerate the world.

In 1953, after twelve years of service to the feet of Guru Dev, Maharishi retired to the caves of the 'Valley of the Saints' in Uttar Kashi, high in the Himalayas. Deep in the silence of the Himalayas, the impulse of Nature itself led Maharishi in 1955 to leave his secluded life in Uttar Kashi and travel to the southern-most tip of India, with no other thought or plan in his mind than simply to follow the whisper of Nature, 'Rameshvaram'. But in this innocent move was contained the blueprint of a new age and a new civilization, just as the sprouting of a seed has all the vitality to expand and produce the fruit, season after season.

1958 Maharishi's Year of Spiritual Regeneration Movement:

Maharishi Minister and the rain to set a target of 1958 Year purified spiritual movement Punrusthan1 January 1958 is the turning point in the history of the human race, as Maharishi formally inaugurates the worldwide Spiritual Regeneration Movement.

In the first three months of 1958, Maharishi establishes twenty-five centres of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement throughout India, and teaches Transcendental Meditation to thousands of people.

  • On 27 April Maharishi begins his first world tour to teach Transcendental Meditation and to carry the beacon light of the Himalayas to all mankind.

  • In 1953, after twelve years of service to the feet of Guru Dev, Maharishi retired to the caves of the 'Valley of the Saints' in Uttar Kashi, high in the Himalayas. Deep in the silence of the Himalayas, the impulse of Nature itself led Maharishi in 1955 to leave his secluded life in Uttar Kashi and travel to the southern-most tip of India, with no other thought or plan in his mind than simply to follow the whisper of Nature, 'Rameshvaram'. But in this innocent move was contained the blueprint of a new age and a new civilization, just as the sprouting of a seed has all the vitality to expand and produce the fruit, season after season.

  • Trivandrum in Kerala Maharaja Ram ji kalanidhi Maharishi, who met me at the time promoting Transcendental Meditation played a key role

  • Starting from the south, where Maharishi ji Phuchi trip to Kashmir Amarnath Ji God saw
1959 Maharishi's Year of Global Awakening:

Maharishi establishes Transcendental Meditation throughout the United States and England and promises: 'I will fill the world with the light of knowledge and create Heaven on Earth.'

1960 Maharishi's Year of Cosmic Consciousness:

Maharishi explains the development of Cosmic Consciousness rising through the daily practice of Transcendental Meditation.

  • In London at Caxton Hall, Maharishi inagurates his 'Three-Year Plan' (1960?1962), the first systematic plan in the history of the world to enlighten the whole mankind. (By the year 2008, millions of people throughout the world have learn the Transcendental Meditation Program.)
1961 Maharishi's Year of Teacher Training:

Maharishi multiplies himself and conducts the first International Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Ram Nagar, Rishikesh, India.

  • Maharishi conducts the First World Assembly of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement in London. 5,000 attend the open session in the famous Royal Albert Hall
1962 Maharishi's Year of Theory of the Absolute:

Maharishi expounds to the scientists in New York his 'Theory of the Absolute' to enrich all fields of relative existence, and continues to train teachers of Transcendental Meditation in different countries, using audio and video technology

'Following prolonged clapping from the vast audience, Maharishi said: 'When this is the response from Mother Nature on the thought of spiritually regenerating the world through this practice, we'll inaugurate a world movement, we'll inaugurate Spiritual Regeneration Movement here tomorrow evening.'

'We believe men are in need of something that would develop their latent faculties, help them to rise above the cares and anxieties of life to a high pedestal of peace and happiness and increased efficiency in the field of action. Such men do not belong to any one particular province or land, and they are not the followers of any one religion or philosophy. They are the citizens of the universe and are scattered all over the world, following different religions. For them all is meant this Spiritual Regeneration Movement.'
Maharishi, 1 January, Madras, India

1963 Maharishi's Year of the Science of Being and Art of Living:

Maharishi gives to the world his first book, The Science of Being and Art of Living.

1964 Maharishi's Year of God Consciousness:

In response to the growing experiences of higher states of consciousness, Maharishi explains experiences of Transcendental Meditation in terms of Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and God Consciousness.

1965 Maharishi's Year of Bhagavad-Gita:

Maharishi explains experiences of Transcendental Meditation in terms of the Vedic Principle of Action-Nishkam karma yoga Yogastha kuru karmani: Established in Being, perform action.

  • Maharishi completes his commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita, the first six chapters (Bhagavad-Gita, A New Translation and Commentary, Chapters 1-6).
1966 Maharishi's Year of Academy of Meditation:

Maharishi inaugurates the first International Academy of Meditation in Shankaracharya Nagar, Rishikesh, India.

1967 Maharishi's Year of Unity Consciousness:

Maharishi explains the nature of Unity Consciousness, the pinnacle of human evolution, and inaugurates the first European Meditation Academy in Bremen, Germany.

1968 Maharishi's Year of Students:

The Students International Meditation Society is founded in many countries, and for the first time video technology is used to record an entire course taught by Maharishi for one month in Squaw Valley, USA.

1969 Maharishi's Year of Supreme Knowledge:

Maharishi comments on the Brahm Sutra, the textbook of Vedant-Unity Consciousness.

1970 Maharishi's Year of Scientific Research:

The first scientific research on Transcendental Meditation is published. (In the years which follow, more than 600 scientific research studies are conducted at over 230 independent universities and research institutes in 35 countries, validating the profound benefits of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme for the individual and for every area of society, including health, education, business, industry, rehabilitation, defence, agriculture, and government.)

  • Maharishi receives the Man of Hope Award-given 'To him who seeks to uplift the human spirit'.
1971 Maharishi's Year of Science of Creative Intelligence:

Maharishi formulates the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI)-the Science of Consciousness.

'The main theme of SCI is that there exists a source from which Creative Intelligence springs and a goal toward which it progresses as the process of evolution unfolds. This source and this goal are identical and can be identified as the innermost area of one's own life, as the source of the thinking process: the self-referral consciousness of everyone, the field of pure Creative Intelligence.'

  • Maharishi conducts International Symposia on the Science of Creative Intelligence and creates an awakening of Total Knowledge in the field of education.

  • Maharishi International University (now Maharishi University of Management) is established in the United States, to serve as a model of higher education in the world.
1972 Maharishi's Year of the World Plan:

With 2,000 newly trained teachers of the Science of Creative Intelligence (Mallorca, Spain) Maharishi inaugurates the World Plan to solve the age-old problems of mankind in this generation.

The seven Goals of the World Plan are:

  1. To develop the full potential of the individual;
  2. To improve governmental achievements;
  3. To realise the highest ideal of education;
  4. To solve the problems of crime, drug abuse, and all behaviour that brings unhappiness to the family of man;
  5. To maximize the intelligent use of the environment;
  6. To bring fulfilment to the economic aspirations of individuals and society;
  7. To achieve the spiritual goals of mankind in this generation.
1973 Maharishi's Year of Action for the World Plan:

Maharishi trains over 2,000 teachers of the Science of Creative Intelligence in La Antilla, Spain, and establishes 2,000 World Plan Centres to offer courses in Transcendental Meditation and the Science of Creative Intelligence throughout the world.

  • Maharishi gives the Keynote Address at the 28th Annual Conference of the American Association of Higher Education in Chicago, USA, attended by 3,000 educators.

  • Maharishi holds historic meetings with the Illinois and Michigan State Legislatures.

  • Maharishi trains teachers of the Science of Creative Intelligence in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is welcomed by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, whose government declared the Science of Creative Intelligence as a knowledge that is useful and necessary to the progress of life.

  • Maharishi's Alliance for Knowledge (94 pages), a proposal to the governments of the world to redesign the destiny of their nations, is sent to every Head of State.
1974 Maharish's Year of Achievement of the World Plan:

The Maharishi Effect is discovered: one per cent of the population of any city practicing Transcendental Meditation results in an overall increase of positive trends in society. The Maharishi Effect, named by scientists in honour of Maharishi who first predicted it, establishes a new formula for the creation of an ideal society.

  • Maharishi International University (now Maharishi University of Management) is established in Fairfield, Iowa, USA.
1975 Maharishi's Year of the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment:

'Through the window of science, we see the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.'

  • Maharishi embarks on a global tour to inaugurate the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment on all five continents-for Asia in India, New Delhi, Vigyan Bhavan Hall; for Europe in England, London, Royal Albert Hall; for North America in Canada, Ottawa, Chateau Laurier; for South America in Argentina, Buenos Aires, Cultural Center of San Martin; and for Africa in Ivory Coast, Abidjan, Palais des Congres Houphouet Boigny

  • Maharishi establishes MERU-Maharishi European Research University-in Switzerland. This global inauguration brings the dawn of new knowledge. Maharishi revives the total theoretical and practical knowledge of Yoga after thousands of years, and with hundreds of course participants in Interlaken and other beautiful areas of Switzerland, Maharishi holds six-month courses to enliven consciousness as 'a field of all possibilities.'
1976 Maharishi's Year of Government:

Maharishi inaugurates the World Government of the Age of Enlightenment with sovereignty in the domain of consciousness and authority in the invincible power of Natural Law, to purify world consciousness and guide the destiny of mankind.

  • Maharishi introduces the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme Including Yogic Flying to accelerate the evolution of the individual to enlightenment and to purify world consciousness. (By the year 2008, more than 500,000 people around the world have learnt Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme.)

  • Maharishi creates four annual seasonal Festivals of the Age of Enlightenment to set each season in the tempo of success for noble aspirations and higher achievements.
1977 Maharishi's Year of Ideal Society:

Maharishi inaugurates his Ideal Society Campaign by sending Yogic Flyers to 108 countries. Wherever they go the police take the credit for lowering the crime rate. With this global success, Maharishi formulates his Absolute Theories of Government, Education, Health, Defence, Economy, Management, and Law and Order to raise every area of life to perfection.

1978 Maharishi's Year of Invincibility to Every Nation:

Scientists discover the Extended Maharishi Effect, whereby just the square root of one per cent of the population practicing Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme Including Yogic Flying is sufficient to create coherence in collective consciousness. Maharishi validates this formula by sending groups of Yogic Flyers to the most troubled spots on earth. Scientific research records success.

1979 Maharishi's Year of All Possibilities:

Maharishi proclaims 'all possibilities for mankind' through his science of consciousness and designs the Global Super Radiance programme, in order to maximize the influence of Sattwa (coherence) in the family of nations.

  • The first World Peace Assembly with several thousand in attendance convenes in Amherst, USA, to create coherence in world consciousness.
1980 Maharishi's Year of Pure Knowledge, the Veda:

Maharishi brings to light his timeless commentary of Rig Veda, the Apaurusheya Bhashya, and introduces the principles of Ayur-Veda- the Science of Life-as the total knowledge of perfect health in the direction of immortality.

  • Maharishi conducts the First International Vedic Science Course in New Delhi, India, and through the quiet performance of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme by 3,000 students of his Vedic Science, calms down the growing violent tendencies in India, demonstrating the rise of Sattwa (coherence).
1981 Maharishi's Year of Vedic Science:

Maharishi organizes the centuries-old scattered Vedic Literature as a complete literature of a perfect science-Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology- the Science and Technology of Consciousness.

1982 Maharishi's Year of Natural Law:

Maharishi establishes the Vedic Principles and Programmes for bringing life in accord with Natural Law-the Will of God.

  • Maharishi inaugurates Maharishi University of Natural Law in England and 1,008 Colleges of Natural Law for the whole world.

  • Maharishi celebrates the Silver Jubilee of his worldwide Transcendental Meditation Movement.
1983 Maharishi's Year of the Unified Field:

Maharishi brings to light the Unified Field Theories of modern Physics with reference to the self-referral field of Transcendental Consciousness, the field of pure knowledge.

  • Maharishi celebrates the Rising Sunshine of the Age of Enlightenment for the whole world and tours five continents, blessing many nations: in Africa-Kenya, Ivory Coast, Zambia, and The Gambia; In Europe-Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, former Yugoslavia, Hamsa (Hungary), former Czechoslovakia, Greece, France, Holland, Finland, England, and Ireland; in South America-Brazil, Colombia, and Bolivia; in North America-the United States.
  • Maharishi gives the world its 'First Taste of Utopia' through the first assembly of 7,000 Yogic Flyers gathered for three weeks at Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, who create the Global Maharishi Effect.
1984 Maharishi's Year of Unified Field-Based Civilization:

Maharishi begins to establish the irreversibility of the Global Maharishi Effect by holding large World Peace Assemblies in different countries.

1985 Maharishi's Year of Unified Field-Based Education:

Maharishi formulates a perfect system of Vedic Education based on consciousness.

  • Maharishi creates Veda-Leela, the play of the Veda, which narrates and displays the mechanics of creation.
1986 Maharishi's Year of Perfect Health:

Maharishi implements his World Plan for Perfect Health to create a disease-free society and bring self-sufficiency in health care to every nation.

1987 Maharishi's Year of World Peace:

Maharishi presents to the world his Programme to Create World Peace through the mechanics of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Yogic Flying Programme.

  • Maharishi presents to the world Gandharva Veda music for creating balance in Nature.
1988 Maharishi's Year of Achieving World Peace:

Maharishi inaugurates his Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth for the reconstruction of the whole world-inner and outer.

  • Warring tendencies are transformed into friendliness-the superpowers shake hands.
1989 Maharishi's Year of Heaven on Earth:

Maharishi implements his Master Plan.

  • The unifying quality characterizes world consciousness as evidenced by the fall of the Berlin wall.
1990 Maharishi's Year of Alliance with Nature's Government:

Maharishi offers Alliance with Nature's Government to every nation.

  • Maharishi introduces the knowledge of Natural Law for perfection in every profession to create 'Heaven Builders'.
1991 Maharishi's Year of Support of Nature's Government:

Maharishi invites all governments to align themselves with the Constitution of the Universe, to make their administrations as effective as the Government of Nature.

1992 Maharishi's Year of The Constitution of The Universe:

Maharishi brings to light the Constitution of the Universe, which governs the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order so that the nourishing power of Natural Law will support and enrich every national administration in our world family.

  • Maharishi's Supreme Political Science for problem-free government inspires the formation of the Natural Law Party.
  • Between 1991-1992, two hundred Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools, with over 100,000 students, are established in India.
1993 Maharishi's Year of Administration through Natural Law-Raam Raj:

Maharishi launches a programme for Natural Law-Based Administration to bring the nourishing influence of the Constitution of the Universe to every government.

  • Four thousand Yogic Flyers from sixty-four countries create coherence in Washington, DC-the crime rate decreases twenty-nine per cent.
  • Maharishi Institute of Management, with six branches in India, offers MBA and computer science courses in the light of Maharishi's Vedic Management.
1994 Maharishi's Year of Discovery of Veda in Human Physiology:

Maharishi heralds the dawn of Vedic Civilization based on the discovery of Veda in human physiology, which establishes the grand unity of all sciences and all religions.

  • Maharishi offers to create a PREVENTION WING in every military to disallow the birth of an enemy.
1995 Maharishi's Year of Silence:

Maharishi Vedic University-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya- is established in the State of Madhya Pradesh, India.

  • Maharishi University of Management is established in the United States, Japan, Holland, and Russia.
  • Maharishi inaugurates Maharishi Medical Colleges and Universities around the world to train doctors in his Vedic Approach to Health.
1996 Maharishi's Year of Awakening:

All Maharishi Universities teach one basic subject- Atma, the Self, consciousness-and this is the dawn of a new awakening in the world-Total Knowledge for higher consciousness.

1997 Maharishi's Year of Global Administration through Natural Law:

Having introduced the knowledge of the Constitution of the Universe in 1992, Maharishi establishes the practical programmes to actualize ideal administration in the world through the Constitution of the Universe. Maharishi inaugurates Global Administration through Natural Law with twelve Time-Zone Capitals to establish problem-free administration that mirrors administration through Natural Law, which governs the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order.

  • Maharishi's theme of problem-free administration based on the total knowledge of Natural Law- Veda-the Constitution of the Universe, the field of Total Knowledge, is Vedic Knowledge made available to everyone through Maharishi's Vedic Education; Vedic Health Care; Vedic Administration; Vedic Economy; Vedic Management; Vedic Defence; Vedic Law, Justice, and Rehabilitation; Vedic Architecture; and Vedic Agriculture.
1998 Maharishi's Second Year of Global Administration through Natural Law:

To facilitate global administration, Maharishi establishes a global network of eight satellites broadcasting in eighteen languages. Maharishi Channel-Maharishi Veda Vision-and Maharishi Open University bring Maharishi's Vedic Wisdom to homes on every continent.

1999 Maharishi's Third Year of Global Administration through Natural Law:

Maharishi designs the Perfect Man Course to raise the individual to higher levels of evolution in the direction of perfection, on the basis of the practical knowledge of total Natural Law-the knowledge of his own Self-Atma-Veda-the Constitution of the Universe-the supreme administering intelligence of the universe.

2000 Maharishi's Fourth Year of Global Administration through Natural Law:

Maharishi inaugurates his Global Country of World Peace to create an indomitable influence of nonviolence in world consciousness, and crowns Professor Tony Nader, MD, Ph.D., as His Majesty Raja Raam, First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, for his historic discovery of Veda in human physiology for which he was weighed in gold (1998).

  • His Majesty Raja Raam declares Veda to be the Constitution of his Global Country of World Peace and appoints forty Ministers to be guided by the forty qualities of Cosmic Intelligence expressed in the Vedic Literature.

  • Maharishi establishes his Programme to Eliminate Poverty in the world through the development of unused agricultural lands, using Vedic Organic Agriculture principles and practices.

  • Maharishi celebrates Swara-Jayant¡, the Golden Jubilee of Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, the most illustrious in the galaxy of Jagatguru Shankaracharyas of India, through whose divine grace the knowledge for living perfection in life is now available to all mankind.

  • Maharishi inspires the formation of the World Federation of Traditional Kings on 22 October, to awaken the parental role of the leaders of traditional cultures in the world to maintain peace in their areas of influence.
2001 Maharishi's Year of Global Country of World Peace:

Maharishi blesses the largest gathering of humanity in history-the Maha Kumbha Mela, Prayag, India-through the delegation of His Majesty Raja Raam and his forty Ministers.

  • Maharishi's global initiative for permanent world peace is launched in response to the outburst of terrorism in the USA

  • Programmes are designed to create a permanent influence of world peace from one country-India- through the performance of Yoga, Yagya (Graha Shanti and Devi Aradhana) by 40,000 Vedic Pandits on the Ganges banks.

  • Maharishi Vedic City is founded in Iowa, USA, to be a model of ideal city life, with its constitution based on the Constitution of the Universe, Total Natural Law, the Veda.

2002 Maharishi's Year of Raam Mudra:

In order to create a balanced world economy, His Majesty Raja Raam names the year 2002 as Maharishi's Year of Raam Mudra.

  • The global development currency Raam Mudra is designed to alleviate poverty in the world.

  • Maharishi conducts special one-month Enlightenment Conferences and designs a programme to construct 3,000 Peace Palaces to provide every major city in the world with a powerful influence of coherence and harmony.

  • Maharishi offers profound knowledge and prevention-oriented solutions to the world through a continuum of weekly global press conferences, broadcast live via satellite, internet webcast, and teleconference (visit or, Maharishi's Great Global Events page of (

  • Maharishi launches his Global Health Programme-a computerized programme based on Maharishi's Vedic Medicine for prevention, cure, and the creation of a disease-free society.
2003 Maharishi's Year of Ideal Government-Raam Raj:

Maharishi welcomes every government to contract with the Global Country of World Peace to create prevention-oriented problem free administration.

  • Maharishi ensures achievement of the long-sought goal of mankind-permanent world peace-through the creation of 3,000 Peace Palaces in the largest cities of the world, and establishment of the largest group of Vedic Pandits in India, 'permeating all time and all space values with harmony, with evenness of higher intelligence' through recitation of the Veda and programmes of Vedic Yagya and Graha Shanti.

  • The Maharishi World Peace Trust of Germany is founded to begin construction of Peace Palaces in the sixty largest cities of Germany and in the largest cities of Europe.

  • Maharishi inaugurates the Parliament of World Peace to raise world consciousness to a high degree of coherence for all nations to enjoy permanent peace.

  • On the auspicious Guru Purnima Day, 13 July 2003, Maharishi offers to every government to train their administrators to engage in their administrative policies and programmes the intelligence and energy of total Natural Law-the Light of God-the Will of God-which governs the universe with perfect order. Maharishi explains that this training of administrators, on one hand, will make the process of administration the steps of evolution for the administrator, and, on the other hand, will render administration prevention- oriented and free from problems, and give it the character of 'Automation in Administration'.

2004 Maharishi's Year of Peace Palaces:

Maharishi devotes the major part of this year to guiding the creation of 3,000 Peace Palaces around the world, to produce an influence of harmony and peace in the world and bring the knowledge and experience of the total potential of Natural Law to everyone.

'That is our task this year-a very delightful task-to perpetuate the knowledge that has proven itself to be complete knowledge of the nature of man. The entire divine power in man will now have a permanent home everywhere in every country.'--Maharishi (12 January 2004)

  • Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education receives worldwide recognition for its profound benefits to student well-being, and Maharishi addresses education conferences in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC, USA and explains that:

    'Transcendental Meditation is a natural way to fathom the Unified Field; to develop the whole brain to function in every thought, speech, and action, and promote excellence in one's personal and professional life.'--Maharishi (12 January 2004)

  • Maharishi establishes the Parliament of World Peace, to set forth a system of administration that will harmonize the differences that dominate relationships between nations, and to take all systems of administration to the supreme level-the Will of God-available in the Atma, the Self, of everyone.

  • Maharishi begins to train Raam Raj Administrators to administer society from the level of enlightenment for all times to come.

  • Maharishi pledges to fulfill the aspiration of the wise throughout the ages to create invincibility for every nation and permanent world peace. Thousands of people come forward to accept Maharishi's call to be Founders of World Peace:
  • 'I invite four people from every city to come forward with the desire to establish peace, prosperity, and happiness in their Motherland. Through these people, I will raise their nation above the reach of problems and build a mansion of permanent peace in the world'--Maharishi (16 July 2004)

    By the end of this year, Holland is established as a model for all countries to follow in implementing Maharishi's offer of invincibility to every nation through the creation of Peace Palaces in all major cities, and a campaign to establish a group of 8,000 Yogic Flyers to create an influence of harmony in national and world consciousness.

2005 Maharishi's Year of Golden Jubilee:

Fifty years ago Maharishi left the Valley of the Saints in Uttar Kashi, endowed only with the confidence he possessed in the knowledge of life and living bestowed on him by his beloved Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Badarikashram, to extend the light of the Himalayas to the farthest corners of the earth and awaken each soul to the experience of Atma, eternal Bliss Consciousness, the Divine inner Self of man. We usher in the new year by celebrating the achievements of the past fifty years, which have opened wide the gates of Heaven on Earth for all mankind, and we see before us the glorious fulfillment of Maharishi's worldwide Movement to spiritually regenerate the whole world.

  • Maharishi ushers in a new era of peace on earth through inauguration of a global programme to establish Maharishi Vedic Universities, Colleges, and Schools in 3,000 cities throughout the world, to offer the knowledge and practical programmes to actualize the Constitution of the Universe-the Unified Field-in the daily life of every individual and nation. Maharishi emphasizes that total knowledge of the Constitution of the Universe cannot be gained through lectures and discussions alone.

    'The Constitution f the Universe is beyond human intellect,' Maharishi said. 'It is on the transcendental level of Being. It is unmanifest, eternal, beyond relativity, and not subject to change. Vedic Literature provides the practical programmes, including Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying, for everyone to actualize the Constitution of the Universe in daily life.'--Maharishi ji (12 January 2005)

  • Maharishi completes the first two Raam Raj Administrator Training Courses. Its graduates, twenty-two Rajas, will guide the destiny of mankind through the silent administration of Total Knowledge and Total Action. Raam Raj Administrators are the administrators of the cosmic value of life from the absolute, completely unmanifest field of eternal silence.

  • Maharishi conducts a worldwide Recertification Course for Teachers of Transcendental Meditation, to re-establish the eternal Vedic Tradition of teaching from generation to generation. Every day the course participants are inspired by the flow of Supreme Knowledge.

  • In a memorable one-week celebration, Maharishi inaugurates the Dawn of Sat-Yuga, with global Puja to Shri Guru Dev, together with two thousand leaders of his worldwide Movement assembled in MERU, Holland 21-25 July, and thousands more participating via satellite and internet. Maharishi offers to Guru Dev the Constitution of the Universe- the radiance of the transcendental Self-to establish the world in peace and happiness for all times to come.

  • Maharishi inspires builders on all continents to reconstruct the whole world and build Maharishi Peace Palaces; Maharishi Vedic Universities, Colleges, and Schools; Maharishi Colleges of Natural Medicine and Prevention; Maharishi Natural Medicine Hospitals; Maharishi Fortune-Creating Homes, Office Buildings, Malls, and Hotels; Maharishi Vedic Farms; and buildings for professional peace-creating groups. (

Maharishi's Poverty Removal Programme invites everyone to create the dawn of a new fortune for all mankind. (Visit:

Maharishi University of World Peace is founded, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, to bring the complete knowledge of Natural Law to everyone and create lasting world peace.

On Vijaya Dashami-the Day of Victory in the Vedic Calendar-Maharishi presides over a grand worldwide flag-raising ceremony, including seven islands (in different oceans and seas) that are solely dedicated to world peace. The flags of 7,000 cultural traditions of the world were raised alongside the lag of the Global Country of World Peace. Maharishi emphasizes that Each flag is the concrete expression of the awakening of total Natural Law in the area.'

Thousands of university students in the US are inspired to learn Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation, and hundreds of younger students begin to experience its benefits.

Maharishi guides the government of Guinea Bissau to become a member state of Maharishi's Global country of World Peace.

2006 Maharishi's Year of Reconstruction for the Whole World to be Heaven on Earth-First Year of Sat-Yuga:

12-14 January, Maharishi presides over a three-day worldwide inauguration of the World Capital of Peace in the Brahma-Sthan of India, centre of India, and gives to he world Royal Decree Number Twenty-one of Maharaja Nader Raam, First Ruler of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace. Maharishi declares:

'We have the decree of His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam. It has laid out the path of action for this year, 2006, and will always be the guiding light of activity of every generation. This has uncovered the new destiny of mankind. This decree of Maharaja Nader Raam has opened the gateway for the reconstruction of the world in every sense of it-reconstruction of the physical world, reconstruction of the mental world, reconstruction of the intellectual world- on the exalted state of the spiritual value of life, which is bliss eternal. This decree has opened the gate of all peace, prosperity, and fulfillment and will open the gate of invincibility for every nation, with the onset of the support of the Constitution of the Universe to all our existing constitutions of the governments of our world. We are blessed with this decree.'--Maharishi ji

Maharishi's Parliament of World Peace convenes in the Brahma-Sthan of India and MERU, Holland, for twelve sessions of 144 presentations, lasting from 5 February to 23 March, broadcast worldwide. The focus of these sessions is national invincibility in reference to the twelve disciplines of Maharishi's Vedic Science, the science of consciousness, the Light of God sung throughout the ages in the holy texts of all religions.

Maharishi plans for the creation of a permanent group of 24,000 peace-creating experts at the Brahma- Sthan (centre) of India, and 1,008 peace-creating experts in each of 256 cities across India, where peace colonies-Brahmanand Saraswati Nagar-are being established. The establishment of these groups will exceed all previous groups in peace-creating power. Through their performance of Yoga and daily Yagyas for the invincibility of every nation, the whole world will enjoy higher states of consciousness and lasting peace.

Maharishi continues to guide Raam Raj Administrators and Invincibility Course participants worldwide in the knowledge of Brahma Vidya, and he provides entry to everyone into the total field of knowledge through the gateway of the first syllable of Rig Veda, v (Aa), the source of the infinite creative potential of life.

Maharishi conducts a World Peace Assembly at MERU, Holland, with participation from 400 practitioners of Yogic Flying from across Europe, to create an Invincible Holland and serve as a model for the creation of similar groups worldwide. According to press reports, since the group of 400 Yogic Flyers was established on 12th April, the nation has enjoyed an unprecedented upsurge in positive trends.

During the one-week Guru Purnima Celebration, 11-18 July, Maharishi launches a new initiative to establish Invincibility Schools' in thirty countries, where students will practice Yogic Flying together to maintain a high level of harmony and integration in national consciousness. This is the first phase of Maharishi's programme to raise every nation to invincibility and create a bright new destiny for the world.

In India, 35,000 students and teachers begin to learn Yogic Flying, and several thousand will begin around the world.

Maharishi guides the experiences and understanding of over 2,000 Invincible America course participants at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, and in Washington, DC, USA:

This is what happens in the Dome [Yogic Flying hall]: A wave of infinity spreads from one end of the Dome to the other end. But the wave is not constrained by the walls. It permeates the whole collective consciousness- the whole field of unmanifest infinity.... This is what you are here for, and as the group gets larger and larger, your experiences will become even more profound.'--Maharishi

Invincible thought in invincible buildings' is Maharishi's formula for the creation of world peace. To maximize the coherence-creating influence of Yogic Flying, construction of white marble Peace Palaces, Schools, and Peace Colonies begins, according to the principles of Vedic Architecture.

Maharishi guides development of the curriculum for Vedic Medicine to be the foundation for the perfect health of civilization. The central point of Maharishi Vedic Medicine is that the experience of Atma-the field of Unity and silence- restores balance to the whole physiology.

Maharishi plans to immediately raise whole nations to invincibility by establishing groups of Vedic Pandits from India around the world.

'UNESCO has declared Vedic Chanting to be the common heritage of mankind. You have it; now you have the opportunity to use it. This is the one level on which all countries will be tied together.'--Maharishi

In honor of the birthday anniversary of Maharishi's beloved Master, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas, and as a mark of Maharishi's service to Him for over fifty years, on 29 to 31 December, and continuing into January, flags of invincibility are raised in 192 countries around the world.

2007 Maharishi's Year of Capital of Global Raam Raj:

Maharishi dedicates this year to the establishment of a group of 16,000 Vedic Pandits in the Capital of Global Raam Raj at the Brahma- Sthan, the holiest of all the holy places in the centre of India, to ensure that the world will be ruled by Total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, the Will of God, for all times to come. Through their Vedic performance of Yoga and Rudrabhishek for 192 countries, the Vedic Pandits will produce an indomitable influence of peace everywhere.

Vedic history, Vedic reality, presents that reign of Raam, which now, with the Grace of Guru Dev, is coming up to be the living reality of all mankind.... Life on earth will be in terms of the total potential of life, Bliss Consciousness'--Maharishi (12 January 2007)

Maharishi's seven-point program to create invincibility for every nation is adopted by the Global Financial Capital of New York, and Founders of Invincibility everywhere:

  1. Crowning the nation with invincibility: creating an influence of positivity in collective consciousness through the large group practice of Yogic Flying
  2. Prevention-oriented, problem-free Administration, in harmony with the Constitution of the Universe
  3. Vedic Architecture in harmony with Natural Law:
  4. All the problems of the world will go away with our Global Reconstruction Programme.--Maharishi

  5. Construction of Vedic Medical Colleges to create a disease-free society
  6. Construction of Vedic Universities, Colleges, and Schools that offer total knowledge of Natural Law
  7. Vedic Organic Agriculture -production of healthy food for happy life
  8. Elimination of poverty through the support of adequate wages, housing, and education for those living in scarcity.

Maharishi guides the establishment of the Global Financial Capitals of New York, Shanghai, Moscow, and Hanover, to create an invincible world economy, based on distribution of the Global Development Currency RAAM'.

Then the progress in the world will be with high leaps and bounds, and what we want to see-and we are going to see tomorrow, very near tomorrow-is that there will be no poverty in the our world. There will be richness. There will be dignity to life.'--Maharishi (27 March 2007)

The third and concluding day of the global celebration of Raam Naumi-the dawn of Raam Raj in the world-will be remembered throughout time as the day Maharishi brought to light his revelation of how the Constitution of the Universe functions through the delicate expression-Komalangam-of Gyan Shakti (infinite silence) and Kriya Shakti (infinite dynamism). Maharishi also recounts how, during the Puja performed by the Vedic Pandits, he had realized the true meaning of a saying that he had heard long ago in India: Dashamas twam asi-Though art the Tenth-Purusha-the Totality of Natural Law. Reflecting on the significance of this revelation of pure knowledge, Maharishi says that today:

we got the instrument to administer our world as efficiently as our unbounded, unlimited, ever-expanding universe is being governed by the Constitution of the Universe-the Veda.... When we have this gift, then as long as we are breathing life, we are talking about it, we are doing something on that level of our life. Better get onto doing on that most sublime level, most delicate level.... where nothingness comes out to be everything.'--Maharishi (29 March 2007)

In April Maharishi conducts an historic series of seven press conferences, based on the seven themes of the Global Financial Capital of New York: Unified Field-Based Defence, Unified Field-Based Administration, Unified Field-Based Architecture, Unified Field-Based Health, Unified Field-Based Education, Unified Field-Based Agriculture, and Elimination of Poverty.

On the full-moon of July, Guru Purnima Day, Maharishi inaugurate the Dawn of Global Invincibility, and foundation stones for Maharishi Towers of Invincibility are laid around the world.

On 21 October, Vijaya Dasham¡, the Day of Victory on the Vedic Calendar, Maharishi reflected on the achievements of the past decades, and said:

I remember how many places I landed. I always landed on the same ground, the collective destiny of the people, and therefore I had no distinction to make on where I left and where I landed. There was no distinction, there was no difference. I don't remember any difference- what led me from this to this to this-except that I was led on by the big "I"... the "I" of the Light of God.'--Maharishi

Having done complete justice to the teachings of Shri Guru Dev for over fifty years, which has changed the destiny of the human race and secured invincibility for every nation, Maharishi inaugurates Administration through Silence-the most ideal adorable system of administration, which is spontaneously and all the time conducted through the innumerable values of creativity on the level of Veda.' Maharishi also explained the role of Raam Raj Administrators in the light of Silent Administration: This art of accomplishing everything by doing nothing is the rarest possible art. You do everything without doing anything. Just be on that level, the most basic transcendental field where everything is completely beyond time and space, so that nothing can obstruct it.'

In an historic address on 22 November, Maharishi discloses to the First European Parliament of National Leaders of the Global Country of World Peace, that the supreme goals of his Spiritual Regeneration Movement are fulfilled. Maharishi expressed his feeling that he will now devote his time to Gyan a Shakti, to the commentary of the Veda: I feel now, that having been active for all these fifty years, the Kriya Shakti has woken up, and has started to show the evidence of its waking up. At least twenty-four countries are invincible out of 192, so I am tempted to tell you my feelings, that with twenty-four countries rising to invincibility, and with all the Rajas and the National Leaders during the next week, the Rajas will take over the Kriya Shakti in silence. So I am thinking of shifting my role from Kriya Shakti to Gyan Shakti, because I feel the awakening of Kriya Shakti has been through my basing the Kriya Shakti in the Gyan Shakti.... That is the career that I have designed for myself, Gyan Shakti to blossom in its full, and as Gyan Shakti will blossom, Kriya Shakti will naturally be more and more blossomed. So I, from my side, have won half the race, and I will win the other half. But all of you are the winners of the race. You go ahead, go ahead, and on the same line you will see that nothing is obscure to you. The clapping at the close of this meeting is as long or longer as on that historic day of 31 December 1957, when Maharishi first founded his worldwide Movement to spiritually regenerate mankind.

2008 Maharishi's Year of Invincibility-Global Raam Raj:

Inaugurating Towers of Invincibility in forty-eight countries on 12th January to bring Enlightenment to every individual and Invincibility to every nation.

On 9 January 2008, having heard from twenty-seven Rajas that many times the required number of Yogic Flyers have been trained to create perpetual Invincibility for the whole world; and having also heard the news as documented in the world press about the irrevocable transformation in world consciousness- greater harmony, positivity, and progress in all areas of life-His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi expressed the following wish:

What I would like, somewhere, anywhere, is a perpetual memorial for Invincibility. We have the honour of creating this Invincibility for the world, and we want to make a perpetual shrine for the world- A Kriya Shakti-the principle of total dynamism embedded in total silence-Gyan Shakti, Total Knowledge-Veda. a place of pilgrimage in the world. Today, the record shows that the world has been transformed to Invincibility, and we should think of a memorial. I found just now that my work is done. On 12th January we would like to create a memorial for an invincible world.'--Maharishi

Maharishi explained that in these forty-eight Brahmananda Saraswati Nagar to be built in India, Vedic Pundits will maintain coherence in world consciousness through their daily performance of Yagya and Yogic Flying; and he connected this with the establishment of the Towers of Invincibility around the world. Maharishi asked: Where should we build them? Where do we want to have them-the Invincible Towers of the world? I want to put to the Rajas that I would like a gift of having achieved the goal. The history of the world will never be the same. See if I deserve that, and where we would like to have such a memorial of the great task that the world will never be the same old suffering world. I wanted a gift. I think I have completed what I have ever done-and I am very sensitive about it. I am making an appeal to the Rajas-do it in the name of Guru Dev. We would want to associate success with Guru Dev and Guru Dev with the twelve Jyotir Linga. Rajas, think for five minutes if you would give me a favour.'--Maharishi

Nature got into something that will absolutely secure Invincibility for all times. Tower of Invincibility will be not only a high tower, but a place of knowledge with so many rooms and also the Mandaps for the twelve Jyotir Lingas. The students will take courses on Jyotish and that will not allow any weakness in any country.'

This is dedicated to the Invincibility of the world. Today we found Invincibility established; and this we attribute to Guru Dev, for all future of the world. We must do this in all forty-eight countries... That will be my favour from the Rajas: a place of knowledge to secure Invincibility for all time... It will be a school, a college, a university of Invincibility. We will be designing the Home of Total Knowledge for all the children of all future generations, and we will do it without delay.'--Maharishi

On 11 January Maharishi founded the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, which will secure invincibility for the whole human race throughout time, by perpetually supporting Maharishi's groups of Vedic Pundits at the World Capital of Raam Raj at the Brahma-Sthan (centre of India), in the forty-eight Brahmanand Saraswati Nagar, and in all the Maharishi Towers of Invincibility around the world.

Maharishi designed the invincible structure of enlightened leadership of the Global Council of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, now and for all future generations: The Patron of the Trust will always be His Holiness the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math. The perpetual President in each generation will be Maharaja Nader Raam, soaked in the Silent Administration of Raja Raam the Great, lauded in the Ramrajya. The Purusha Rajas with Universal Domain form the silent wing of the Global Council of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, and the Rajas responsible for all the nations of the world, and the twelve Ministers of the Global Country of World Peace, form the wing of silence and dynamism together. Maharishi designated the Executive Council of the Global Council of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust to be the Prime Minister of the Global County of World Peace, the Minister of Finance and Planning, the Raja of Invincible America, the Raja of Invincible India, and the Raja of Invincible China.

Following the announcement of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, Maharishi said:

Jai Guru Dev. I am grateful for this warm send-off of Invincibility to the whole world for all times. It has been my pleasure at the feet of Guru Dev, to take the light of Guru Dev and pass on in my environment. Now today, I am closing my designed duty to Guru Dev. And I can only say, "Live long the world in peace, happiness, prosperity, and freedom from suffering."

Today this farewell marks the establishment of Invincibility for all mankind under the capable silent rulership of Maharaja Nader Raam and under the capable guidance of all the Ministers and all the glorified mind in terms of all dignity, the light in Invincibility for every country. And this is my satisfaction, and I offer this to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.

Prime Minister, offer my everything to the blessings of Guru Dev and continue with the world in peace, prosperity, and happiness. This formation of Trust, of Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, is going to be a glory for all the future of life on earth, on the individual level and on the national level. All Glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.

Express my delight for all the millennium to come that the world is going to be a happy world. All Glory to Guru Dev. Brahmanand Saraswati Trust is going to take the lighted lamp every morning and every night that is going to come. The future of the world is bright, and that is my delight. Jai Guru Dev.'

Maharishi then invited all the Rajas to express their appreciation for the establishment of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust. The Rajas and Ministers spoke profoundly on many levels of their appreciation, their honour of being included in the Global Council of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, and their deep gratitude for Maharishi's perfect service to Guru Dev for more than fifty years. Maharishi reflected on their appreciation and said:

When I am listening to all this, my mind goes to, "from where all this was happening?"; I did not know from where all this was happening. It was happening is all that I know. It was the destiny of the world. It was the fortune of the world that was being shaped, being designed. By whom, I did not know. By some skill, some skill, by some skill beyond my fathomability. I was simply working; I was simply working; I was simply working. I did not know from where all the instruments are coming to give shape to the world, here, there, and everywhere. I was only working. Because when I am hearing all these beautiful sentiments, I was led on to find out from where this was happening.

The depth of Vedic Wisdom for life is so enormous that it is completely self-sufficient in its articulating everything. One would never know from where one is acting. When I hear all these sentiments, the only thing I could say, I started to find out from where I was doing. I was not doing-it was happening. From place to place I was moving around. It was happening, but it was not I that was instrumental to it in any way. So I find no source of it. This is because unfathomable is the field of Natural Law; unfathomable is the field of Natural Law. And it happens, and it happens, and it works out the destiny of everyone. You go to find this logic, that logic, that logic, that logic-you are not able to pinpoint from where it is happening, and ultimately you are left to something that you can only say, Jai Guru Dev. It's from there that it is happening.

I remember a Vedic saying, Na Guror adhikam, na Guror adhikam, na Guror adhikam-"There is nothing greater than Guru Dev, nothing greater than Guru Dev". Gurur Brahma-this is how Guru Dev is defined- Gurur Vishunu, Gurur Devo Maheshwara, and above all, Guru Sakshat param Brahma tasmai Shri Gurave namah. I end up with something beyond anything, and that is the reality of life. You can't find the source, because the course is all over. Where ends intellect, where ends everything-in the Transcendental is the reality of all possibility. So Glory to Guru Dev. Glory to Guru Dev. Glory to Guru Dev. And we got to that course of action; we got to that course of action from where everything is a possibility, automatically.

Maharishi explained that in these forty-eight Brahmananda Saraswati Nagar to be built in India, Vedic Pundits will maintain coherence in world consciousness through their daily performance of Yagya and Yogic Flying; and he connected this with the establishment of the Towers of Invincibility around the world. Maharishi asked: Where should we build them? Where do we want to have them-the Invincible Towers of the world? I want to put to the Rajas that I would like a gift of having achieved the goal. The history of the world will never be the same. See if I deserve that, and where we would like to have such a memorial of the great task that the world will never be the same old suffering world. I wanted a gift. I think I have completed what I have ever done-and I am very sensitive about it. I am making an appeal to the Rajas-do it in the name of Guru Dev. We would want to associate success with Guru Dev and Guru Dev with the twelve Jyotir Linga. Rajas, think for five minutes if you would give me a favour.' Nothing can be pinpointed. When I was hearing all the glory, all the efforts, all my own appreciation, I was knowing what they are doing. They are searching for something that they are not able to isolate, very great glory of unbounded energy and intelligence. The source is everywhere. That is Vedic Civilization. What is at the basis of this? Total Knowledge, Jyotish-Jyotish Vidya. Jyotish, Jyotish, Jyotish is that source of unbounded energy, all-knowingness. That is Jyotish. There one is saint; there one is saint. There is the secret of all secrets. We can't pinpoint-we can't pinpoint our stand. We can't pinpoint our status. We can't pinpoint our activity, from where all this is happening. It's happening of course, but from where it is happening?-completely transcendental in nature.

The picture of Yoga, the picture of Jyotish, the picture of devotion, the field of knowledge- unfathomable, completely unfathomable. That is why what we have done is established the rule of authority in silence. Silence is the administrator of the universe. In silence is the script of Natural Law, eternally guiding the destiny of everyone. Such a beautiful picture is painted, such a beautiful picture is painted, but from where it is painted? It is painted from where it is- Totality. Totality is real. All the Yoga, all the Yoga, all the Yoga, the whole field of life, you find from where to draw it-it's not possible to locate the source of it. It's not possible to locate the source of it. Unfathomable, unfathomable is the field of Brahm, Totality. You cannot locate it. You can take out anything you want, but you don't know from where it is coming. It's a beautiful picture; it's a beautiful picture.

The invincible Raja of America is the greatest visionary of reality. Unified Field is such a spread up thing, unified, completely spread up, completely spread up. You use it-spontaneously is the word. You use it-completely "spontaneously" is the word. That is why the experience has always been there. Invincible Raja of America, when I am saying this I am reminded of you, because in you I have seen that Invincibility that cannot be isolated anywhere. You will be able to design the human race functioning on that level of Invincibility, motivated by Natural Law, total Natural Law. It's beautiful. It's such a joy to say it even though one cannot pinpoint anything, but certainly one can say it is spontaneous, automatic. Such a joy to say.

I am closing my performance, but when I hear all these beautiful realities of all successes on the basis of which we have built up Invincibility to be a perpetual phase to be lived in life, then I am expressing it is not "I". If it's "I", it's the big "I", big "I".

I would like to enjoy that big "I" from invincible ruler of America. It's such a joy to give on this farewell time that I am given to float on this ocean of knowledge. Invincible Raja of America, please let the world know what I am speaking about, because unfathomable is the area in which I am floating now, and for all future generations. The depth of Jyotish, the depth of Yoga, the depth of life, the depth of Vedic Wisdom is so enormous, unfathomable, that it can only be lived and not spoken. Give me the joy of your Vedic Wisdom of life, invincible American, invincible ruler of America. All Glory to Guru Dev.

Unfathomable is the field of life, and always unfathomable is the field of life. It got entered in the Indian civilization and spread as cultures of the world in such a vast spread manner that the whole thing is unfathomable.

It's such a joy to say that when we are seeing the administration of the universe is becoming a living reality for all the future generations, then we wanted to point out from where this is happening. This is happening from everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, really everywhere. It's not one individual doing; it's the big I that is doing. I have a deep sense of awakening when I am searching from where all this was happening. Why the world should be grateful for laying the foundation for eternal Invincibility in life? The answer to the "why" is because life is like that. No reason. No reason. Because the nature of life is like that. And the nature of the Guide we got, Guru Dev. We got that "flood of wisdom" we call it, or whatever we call it. We got that wide-open sunshine from where this is going to be operated for all future times. So this Brahmanand Saraswati Trust: Brahmanand of course is obvious. Saraswati is the flow. Brahmanand Saraswati-flow of knowledge, flow of knowledge.

It's a beautiful joy for me to reflect on my past, present, and future, and future of the world. So give expression to it, Dr. Hagelin. Give expression to this unbounded field of intelligence wherein the script is conducting from there the affairs of the world. And that is the role of silence from where Raja Adhiraj Raamji will be automatically establishing the reigning of activity in life everywhere throughout the world. It's a great, great work that has developed, that a few people Yogic Flying and the world will be spontaneously in terms of harmony-harmony in the world, harmony in the world. Throughout the globe there will be no ups and downs. The world will ever be in peace, harmony, happiness, invincibility. All Glory to Guru Dev. No end to these waves of bliss.

So we hear from the great speaker who can speak Totality, who can speak Totality. It's such a joy to hear the invincible ruler of America. It's a great thing....

[Raja Dr John Hagelin then spoke on the Unified Field of Natural Law as the source of Silent Administration of the universe.]

Maharishi then concluded, addressing the Prime Minister and the Congress of Rajas and Ministers of the Global Country of World Peace: Ask all other countries to embark upon creating the invincible character, invincible Tower of Invincibility, to have the memory of this transformation of the world for all future of mankind. Complete your programme of the day. Invite all the Rajas to be together, together, together, and again assign them what they are designed to be in their activity. So finish your programming for the memorial [Towers]. Jai Guru Dev.'

On 12 January Maharishi inaugurated the Year of Invincibility-Global Raam Raj. In an historic ceremony the Flag of Invincibility of the Global Country of World Peace was raised in over one hundred countries at twelve noon, and the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility was inaugurated with ground-breaking ceremonies in forty-eight of the most affluent nations, with a commitment to build them in all 192 countries. The grand twelve story Maharishi Tower of Invincibility will serve as a lighthouse of Invincibility for every nation, and a perpetual memorial to the over fifty years of unprecedented achievements of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in creating the unshakeable foundation for an invincible world. The inaugurations were held in the name of Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas, whose Total Knowledge Maharishi has brought to the world. The Maharishi Towers of Invincibility will be connected to the forty-eight centres of Total Knowledge-Brahmanand Saraswati Nagar-that are now under construction in India. It is here that Maharishi Vedic Pundits will maintain coherence in world consciousness through their daily performance of Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousness and Yagya.

During the celebration of this holy day, Maharishi reflected on the structure of Silent Administration of the Global Country of World Peace, and said:

Prime Minister, you were explaining to the world the present state of affairs as far as the structure and duty to it to be done. Continue on that point. It's a beautiful point; it's a beautiful point. All values will always continue to prevail. Out of that, the administation short out other valuaes which are not necessary. Prime Minister, explain to them-you have expressed it beautifully what world we are leaving behind.'

In the evening, during a grand celebration of bagpipe playing and fireworks in the gardens of MERU, Holland, Maharishi established the Brahma-Sthan, centre of India, as the World Capital of Raam Raj- the silent seat of the administrative power of the Global Country of World Peace. There, 16,000 Vedic Pundits will enliven silence to reign on earth, through their performance of Yoga, Graha Shanti, Yagya, and Ati Rudra Abhishek:

From today the world should know that it is the global seat of Raam Raj.... In the long millennium history of the world, today was a day when the Capital of Raam Raj was established. Capital of Raam Raj will be maintained through Yagyas and through exhibitions, great exhibitions of knowledge. Exhibitions of knowledge, these are the pieces of knowledge that maintain the environment of the Capital, and the Capital will be in the seat of silence of Raja Raam.... a place from where the Administration of Brahm will be issued and continue to bless the world all the time....Raam Brahm paramarath rupa. Raam Raj dukh kahu na vyapa.'

Jai Guru Dev

Maharishi Vedic Vishwa Prashasanam Vijyantetram